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We have set out to deliver building control services in a different way: one that adopts innovative approaches to enhance our services for our customers and local communities. We also strive to work in a way that benefits our people; this includes enabling remote and flexible working. We’re at the beginning of an incredibly exciting journey, we’re now looking for people who are passionate about shaping the next stage of our journey.

We have been awarded an ISO 9001 Quality Accreditation which serves as a signifier of the quality of services we provide. We’ll seek to continue to build from this and develop our reputation for consistency in excellence.

We place great value on the expertise and talent that we have at our disposal. We have made sure that we fill our teams with some of the best professionals in the industry. We are incredibly proud of the work that we have achieved in a short space of time. We now have our sights on bigger, more complex and challenging projects in the future.

Joining BCS will give you the chance to grow and shape not only your own future but also ours.


Recent Projects

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Cavendish Park

The Cavendish Park redevelopment project was a fantastic example of Building Control Solution’s highly effective working partnerships, in this instance with Bewley Homes PLC. The project saw the demolition of the former Guide Dogs for the Blind Training site and the development of 100 new homes.

The fantastic working relationship between BCS and Bewley Homes PLC allowed for a proactive approach to each stage of the project. This saw the demolition and subsequent construction all completed within budget and on time.

The achievements of this project go beyond just being timely and cost-effective. The quality, safety and sustainability of the development have been commended by both private buyers and housing association staff.

The Cottage

This project involved a complete renovation of an old stable block on a private property, converting it into liveable accommodation. Development included a ground and first floor rear/side extension, increasing the usable living space by 110mts2.

The final result comprised of a master bedroom and a second bedroom, both with ensuite, and a lounge area. All windows and doors were replaced, electricity and plumbing upgraded and the whole property fully re-plastered and decorated.

This project was yet another shining example of the team’s ability to find creative solutions to all manner of challenges. Despite a number of problems faced, all were overcome to achieve something really quite special and a now beloved home for its tenants.

Winchcombe Cottage

The Winchcombe Cottage project saw the construction of a high specification eco-house. Making the most of a challenging location, the construction created a light, spacious sustainable home suitable for four generations living under one roof.

The property utilised a modern, energy efficient timber frame, erected in a single day. This development has been commended for not only exceeding building regulations but also being delivered on time and on budget.

A particularly noteworthy factor of this project is the fact that due to its innovative design and use of specific materials, the property is actually carbon negative. This is largely down to a wood pellet heating system, photovoltaic panels and its well-insulated prefabricated timber frame construction.

Winter Hill House

Winter Hill House is a 19th century property that had been sub-divided into two properties in the 1940s. This development saw it refurbished, extended and returned to one single dwelling.

Approved plans saw living spaces relocated to make them more energy efficient, along with a mechanical and electrical upgrade. Significant challenges faced throughout required clever design and problem solving. The final result is one that both the team and the client were immensely pleased with.

The outstanding achievement of this project is encapsulated by the fact that whilst the house is now bigger, its footprint and massing have been reduced. As part of resolving the property as one single family home, a generous new staircase was constructed to provide cohesion between the previously separated properties. The basement was also extended to add further luxury and now include a swimming pool, changing room, sauna and wine cellar.

Cumber Place

The Cumber Place project was devised as a development that would provide accessible, self-contained housing for elderly and disabled residents. There was a great emphasis placed on a speedy delivery as well as achieving exemplary standards of building control, both of which were achieved.

The development also involved a high standard of insulation and employed solar panels to mitigate future running costs.

The achievements of this project are particularly notable due to continual challenges that had to be overcome. Regular communication and meetings allowed any issues to be quickly rectified before they impacted the schedule, budget or quality of the work.

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